Climate Readiness Institute

UC Berkeley

Health, Wildfires and Climate Change

Stakeholder Workshop, Summary Report and Webinar

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Bay Area Region Report (CA 4th Assessment)

100+ page report by UC Berkeley on climate impacts and adaptation in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Resilient Infrastructure as Seas Rise (RISeR SF Bay)

Multi-year research project on sea level rise in the Bay Area funded by NSF involving UC Berkeley, NYU Abu Dhabi, USGS and others.

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3-year research project on water/climate issues bringing together scientists and water agency leaders.

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Envrionmental Change Research Network @Berkeley

Network of 12 climate-related centers and institutes at UC Berkeley.

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The Climate Readiness Institute brings academic experts together with climate leaders from government, non-profits and the private sector to create 21st century climate adaptation solutions for California and to inform and inspire people around the globe.

We develop and support research projects, conduct workshops and other public-facing activities, and provide exciting educational opportunities for the climate leaders of tomorrow.

Bruce Riordan is the Program Director. For more info contact him here.